Introduction to Foutz's Material

by Fred Stacey

July 21, 2000
Genesis 1 & 2: Literal or Figurative? (This article is in PDF Format. This means you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view it.)

      At the 20th Florida College Annual Lecture Series (January 24-27, 1966), Paul Foutz spoke three times on the theme of "EVOLUTION." In the October, 1966 issue of SEARCHING THE SCRIPTURES (Volume 7, Number 10), at the invitation of H.E. Phillips, the first of thirty (30) article under a column headed "CREATION or EVOLUTION?" began. This column appeared regularly through the May, 1970 (Volume 11, Number 5) issue. In the last column, he announced the next realm of study would be "Homology" but due to sickness at the time and later his death, the study never appeared.

      During and following the lectures Paul Foutz presented at Florida College in 1966 and his column in SEARCHING THE SCRIPTURES over the next few years, there is no record of a controversy among brethren regarding what he said or wrote. He left no doubts about what he believed and he used very few words to state his position. (O' for such plainness and simple speech today.) The following six articles from SEARCHING THE SCRIPTURES will show this to be true. In addition to the articles, in his very first lecture at Florida College in 1966, according to the printed outline in the college lecture book, he shows his plainness of speech at III., C. and D. It reads as follows:

      C. We believe this creative period involved six literal days. No Evolutionist accepts this--he cannot for his theory needs more time.

      D. Ten reasons why we believe these days were not only literal days but it also is impossible they could have been ages, eons (many millions of years.)

      Regarding the present controversy over the days of creation (were they literal, solar days or were they ages of perhaps millions of years), some have ask, "What difference does it make?" The following articles will show some of the differences and the seriousness of this controversy. We urge all to study carefully what Paul Foutz wrote more than thirty years ago. The dangers he warned about are still present and will always be of importance to any who believes the Bible is historically accurate and not in conflict with any fact of science or history but is and always has been in conflict with the untrue and unproved theories of men.

by Fred Stacey

Study by Paul Foutz
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