Harry Lewis Versus the "Giant Killer"

by Dudley Ross Spears

October 16, 2000

     From out of the silence Ronnie Milliner brings back brother Harry L. Lewis. The thrust of this plot is to have Harry do what Milliner either can't, won't, or is afraid to do. Milliner will not debate Tim Haile. Everybody knows that. He can't. He would not last one session. But Harry Lewis is another story.

     Harry has lost none of his bluster and bluff in his weak and beggarly efforts to uphold his unholy concept of Jesus Christ, as a nobody, a mere man, just a man, a man no different than any other mere man. Why did Milliner feature Harry's tirade? Again, Milliner either can't, or won't, or is afraid to debate this issue. Tim has shown the weakness and error of Milliner so indelibly Ronnie needed help. He summoned his compatriot in error to his side.

     Harry made an unsupported accusation that Tim Haile will not engage in fair discussion before an audience. Harry's evidence is that there are no "FAIR propositions signed by Tim." Harry, you are wrong again - in the same way you have been wrong on your "illustration" of Jesus' "trip to earth." You remember that don't you? I asked Harry a long time ago to defend his illustration of Jesus' trip to earth. He has not so much as acknowledged that he recalls his own words! Yet he now brags about someone ignoring his propositions for debate. Truly, the legs of the lame are not equal.

     Brother Lewis sent a couple of hearty jabs my direction. Harry does that a lot. He doesn't seem to be able to leave me out of anything he writes on the nature of God - but I understand, and I am tough enough to take it. And I thank Harry for comparing me to Tim as a pea in the same pod. Tim Haile sits pretty tall in the saddle in my estimation. I don't mind being in the same pod with Tim Haile at all. I have a whole lot higher opinion of Tim that Harry does.

     I had much rather cast my lot with the likes of Tim Haile than what Harry has done in making an alliance with Ronnie Milliner. That's just a personal feeling - nothing personal intended toward Ronnie. Ronnie is just a dishonest weakling and it surprises me that Harry joins Milliner. Maybe it is because Harry is not nearly as strong in debate as he presents himself to be. But I am also used to these strange things. I have enough confidence in Tim Haile, and his ability, to know how well Tim can defend the truth. I know this is why Milliner is so shy about debating with Tim. Milliner knows this also. Does Harry?

     Harry got one thing correct. He wrote, "Dudley even said once that he did not have the ability to debate John Welch, but he could probably take on Harry L. Lewis and win." No, I am not in the same league with John Welch in debating. John is expert in sophistry, misrepresentation, covering his blunders, falsifying facts and evading the real issues. I am not. However, I have no such reluctance to debate with Harry Lewis. I believe either Tim or I can handle Harry. I guess the difference in us, Harry, is that I recognize my limitations, and you apparently do not (mine or yours). Harry, you are not really all that good a debater and all who know you are aware of it. You should be.

     A public oral debate between Harry and Tim, or (alas, the unthinkable!) between Milliner and Tim, would prove very interesting - but there is this thing about FAIR propositions. Harry's reference to the alleged "four propositions" that "were statements" Tim Haile himself made surely means Harry thinks if a man says something, he should be willing to accept the wording as a FAIR proposition.

     If brother Lewis is serious about this, and I have to assume he is, I am confident that Tim Haile (and maybe even old weak Dudley) would gladly accept as Harry's affirmative his ludicrous "illustration" of Jesus' "trip" to earth. There is no doubt in my mind that such an insipid concept of the holy incarnation of God in the flesh can successfully be totally destroyed. Remember, Harry? How about it Harry - "Think on These Things."

     In case Harry, or others reading this, have forgotten the "illustration," here it is.

     "His trip (to earth) to be like a man would be illustrated more like this. Suppose you got up one morning and decided to go to Iraq. You put your ticket in your shirtpocket, go down and board the plane you are off! When, however, you land in Iraq you reach for your wallet, lo and behold you have left it behind. You cannot drive an auto. You cannot use VISA. You cannot write a check, for the blanks are in that wallet. You have no insurance your card, you know. You cannot even prove, in any tangible way, who you really are. You don't even have a passport to the country you are in. They are all your enemies! You are nobody! Do you think you might sleep in a barn tonight? Count on it! You will, however, be the very same person you were when you got out of bed that morning. You just left your 'powers, glory, privileges and your edge' at home. You have the very same father. You have the same relationships to all your folks, but, you function as someone entirely different until you get your power back. What you really need is someone to 'bear witness' as to who you are. You need your father to send someone to tell everybody who you really are. You know, like the Father sent John the baptist to bear witness of His Son. What you really need is some credentials from your father like Jesus had from His Father (John 3:2; Acts 2:22; etc.) Think about it!"

by Dudley Ross Spears

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