Editorial: The Gospel Anchor Is Back

By Gene Frost

       After an interim of just over four years, the Gospel Anchor resumes publication, from the printed page to the electronic page. This teaching effort has an illustrious history of twenty years, from September 1974 to August 1994, during which time it earned a reputation for a stalwart affirmation and defense of truth, the truth as revealed by the Creator and Sovereign of the universe. (John 17:17, John 8:31-32, Jude 3.) In the interim it has been sorely missed, as expressed by so many who for these years were appreciative of its fair, but uncompromising, stance. The influence for good is also attested to by the glee experienced by the enemies of truth when we ceased publication. We believe that reasonable and honest men will rejoice in its revival. We hope to merit the confidence that so many have expressed.

       Prior to publishing the Gospel Anchor continuously for two decades, there appeared on the journalistic scene, for just a brief introduction of what would later come, the Gospel Anchor Quarterly. In the introductory editorial of the monthly issues, I related the past effort as the reason why a number of men, for whom I had respect and in whom I had confidence, prevailed upon me to launch, with their help, a monthly publication with the purpose of the older Quarterly. I wrote:

       "Years ago I briefly edited a quarterly magazine of the same title. The timelessness and quality of articles it contained have not allowed it to be forgotten; we continually receive requests for bound copies. For the reason we were able to put together a journal of this quality, through the years I have been encouraged to revive the Gospel Anchor. …

       "Our purpose"—and it remains the same—"is to produce a product, a religious journal, of the highest quality, containing articles clearly and simply written on subjects which the writers have given in-depth study. Every writer is free to express himself as he will; and whereas the standard is loyalty to the inspired word of God, we do not presume to be the judge over the thoughts of men. Publication of articles does not constitute editorial endorsement, though every article will contain thoughts that will stimulate and assist in one’s own personal study of truth. Controversial thoughts of real consequence will be presented pro and con; we hope to publish divergent views on various topics. And so we envision for the Gospel Anchor a journal of wide-range of interests, including polemics, doctrinal studies, homiletics, devotionals, evidences, exegeses, Bible languages, religious history, examination of denominational dogmas, etc. The Gospel Anchor is designed to complement the serious student of the word of God, yet in terms that will commend it to the novice and veteran alike."

       Of course, in an electronic magazine there will be some differences. We will not be required to submit to the reader the same volume of material each month. Personally, I will not put pressure upon myself to submit an article every month. (I did this for twenty years without missing an issue.) I will not be responsible for the "publication" (putting the material on the web); this responsibility is entrusted to Tim Haile, who resides in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

       Also, this site is shared with three others - Maurice Barnett, Tim Haile, and Dudley Ross Spears - with each bearing the financial responsibility for his access. Each of the principal writers is responsible for his own material, and for the material he posts from others. I neither receive nor edit material from others.

       A great plus for the online magazine is that will archive articles that appear from month to month. Also, we will be able to go back into the files of the monthly hard copy Gospel Anchor to archive materials we want to make available to new readers. This will achieve one of the principal goals we had when embarking on the journalistic sea, and that is to make the Gospel Anchor a resource center. The twenty volumes of the monthly magazine are that, but how much more so now with instant retrieval from the electronic source!

       All articles are copyrighted, not to hinder their use, but to protect them from misuse. If you interested in reproducing any article, please ask permission, stating in what format (nothing to be sold) and when.

       With this introduction, we welcome back many who formerly subscribed to the Gospel Anchor, and invite many new readers to join us in the venture. That’s another plus … no subscription price.

       May God be glorified and His truth revered. – Gene Frost.

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